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Dr Nathan provides personalised health care for women of all ages.

What Is


Gynaecology is the medical field that specialises in female reproductive health. This covers the scope of womens’ health, including:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • PAP smear abnormalities (including colposcopy)
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Infertility

Dr Aviva Nathan is a specialist gynaecologist based in Melbourne. Together with her team, they provide you with a thorough explanation of your symptoms, a full discussion of the treatment options available to you, and give you the time you need to understand what this means for you.


Gynaecology CARE

FEMALE Concerns

Comprehensive care to address and manage a range of gynaecology concerns.

Female Health Check

A female health check up is a vital step towards your health and wellbeing.


A range of contraceptive options depending on your unique personal situation.

Cervical Screening

A cervical screening test is the most effective way to prevent cervical cancer.



Your First

Our gynaecology consultations are designed to help us understand what you need that will enable us to give you the best possible care and support.

We meet with you to discuss your concerns, talk through any symptoms and how you’re feeling, and provide you with a clear understanding of what your body is telling you. Then, we book you in for the necessary tests or surgery to help you achieve optimal health. 

We want you to be as comfortable, so you’re welcome to bring your partner, a family member, or a friend with you to your appointments, too.


Sometimes your situation can require surgery.

As a gynaecologist, Dr Nathan can perform some minor surgeries in her rooms. For more complex procedures you will be booked in to either Masada Hospital or Holmesglen Private Hospital, where Dr Nathan will attend to you there.

For removal of any stitches or other post-operative care, we’ll schedule you in for an appointment around 6 weeks after your procedure. If your procedure requires a management plan, we’ll organise a consultation with you following your surgery to discuss the steps you need to take to manage your health.

Complete Care
During Emergencies

Dr Nathan is available to take care of your gynaecological needs, including emergencies.

Dr Nathan takes part in the emergency on-call roster at Cabrini Hospital and Holmesglen Private Hospital for gynaecological emergencies, and will be by your side to help you through situations such as ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cyst rupture, heavy menstrual bleeding, Bartholin’s abscess, and more.

For urgent concerns, or after-hours emergencies, please call Dr Aviva Nathan on her pager service.

We’re on this journey with you.

Get in touch today to book your consultation.

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Care For All Women
By Women

Dr Nathan and her female team are highly experienced in women's pelvic health. We’re dedicated to providing compassionate health care for women of all ages, to help you improve the quality of your life.

We make sure that your visits to us make you as comfortable as possible, and we provide you with a safe environment where you can talk to us about anything.

Your Visit

You can book in with us at any time that suits you, as long as we have availability. In order to claim the Medicare rebate, you must have a referral from your GP or another medical specialist by the time of your first appointment.

When booking your appointment be sure to tell us what you’re coming in for, as some appointments may need more time.

After your consultation with Dr Nathan, we can help you book in for your follow-up appointments, and ensure you never miss a date with our text reminder service.

And please, as a courtesy to us, notify us ahead of time if you have your period. Depending on the nature of your visit this may mean we’ll need to reschedule your appointment to another day.

A Service Built On


From the very first moment you speak with us, to the follow-up appointments with your new family, we’re looking out for you. Our specialised service is built on a foundation set by four key values.


20 years’ experience providing specialist gynaecology care


Peace of mind that you’re receiving the right treatment, unique to you


Warm, personalised care throughout your pregnancy journey


We’re with you every step of the way, in any capacity you require


Frequently asked questions

What happens at my first appointment?

At your first appointment we take a comprehensive personal and family history, and provide you with the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your health and pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, we’ll also perform an ultrasound, so you can meet your new baby for the very first time.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with Lisa, our midwife, at each pregnancy appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your referral, your medicare card and private health insurance details, and any results for pathology or ultrasound.

If you’re able to fax, email, or send in your referral and other information ahead of time, this will help us to get to know a bit about you first, and will make your initial consultation much more specific to your needs.

Can I have my IUD inserted at my appointment?

Depending on your circumstances, and if it’s suitable for your situation, Dr Nathan can perform an IUD insertion in the rooms. If preferred, or for patients who haven’t had a previous vaginal birth, we can book you in for a day procedure.

We’ll send you information prior to your visit in preparation for your IUD insertion.

The best time for insertion of an IUD is between day 5 and day 9 of your cycle.

Give us a call at reception, and speak with Justine or Sally to discuss any specific questions you might have.

What if I have my period on the day of my appointment?

This depends on whether your appointment is for a consultation or a procedure. As a courtesy, we prefer if you notify us ahead of time if you have your period. We can then tell you the best course of action. This may mean we’ll need to reschedule your appointment to another day.

For a colposcopy it’s always best to view your cervix when you’re not bleeding.

If you’re not sure whether or not bleeding is due to your period, please call our offices to discuss your situation.

What is your COVID Policy?

The advice on COVID-19 is changing constantly, so we will update you on our social media pages as new advice comes through.

Our current COVID-safe plan includes:

  • Asking patients if they have any flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 to please reschedule their appointment.
  • Temperature check on arrival to the clinic.
  • Our staff regularly clean and sanitise all surfaces and wear PPE.
  • We also offer Telehealth appointments where suitable.

Currently we ask our patients to please wait in their car, and we call you in when we’re ready for your appointment, in order to minimise the number of people in our waiting room.

Book Your GYNAECOLOGY Appointment

Get in touch with us to book a consultation at a time and clinic that suits you. Either give us a call on the number below, or send us an email with your details and we’ll get back to you to confirm your appointment.

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